Morphou’s Municipal Magazine, “Voice of Morphou”, was released for the first time in May 1997, with the main purpose to contribute to the preservation of the historical memory of our occupied town and to promote our national problem. It includes topics related to the history, tradition and culture developed in Morphou and surrounding communities, and therefore invites those who wish, and especially the younger generation of the people of Morphou, to contribute. It also includes articles on the current political affairs, as well as articles about the Municipality of Morphou and its activities. Gradually, the magazine, with its status and wide range of topics, became the main communication medium between the Municipality of Morphou and its displaced people.

Our magazine, with its rich material and topics, has become the main source of information on issues concerning our occupied town and the wider area. Readers will find many and interesting things about the history and culture of Morphou and the surrounding communities, the activities of the Municipality, its associations and organized clubs of the plain of Morphou, and much more. The magazine strives, in the very difficult conditions of refugee life, to preserve the national and religious memory of Morphou, to strengthen the relations of its displaced residents and to cultivate love for our fathers in the children of the people of Morphou, who became refugees.

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