Organized Groups of Morphou

Morphou Youth Council was established on December 8, 2004 and operates as a cooperation program between the Local Government and the Youth Board of Cyprus, which is the legal authority responsible for the progress and prosperity of young people in Cyprus. It consists of young volunteers from Morphou, which operate and are active in it.

The goals of the Morphou Municipal Youth Council are the following:

  • To function as a participatory institution within the Local Government.
  • To be an expression of Morphou’s youth and to help young people to become active at local level.
  • To encourage young people’s civic participation.
  • To discuss and recommend the adoption of a policy on youth issues at local level to the Municipality of Morphou.
  • To implement programs and actions and support organized youth groups (if any).
  • To constitute an institutional form of continuous and meaningful connection of the youth with the municipal authorities.
  • To facilitate the municipality of Morphou in identifying the interests and problems of young people.
  • To assist the local authorities in making young people more active.
  • To work for the progress and prosperity of all young people in the Municipality of Morphou, regardless of race, color, religion or ethnic origin.
  • To operate in a democratic manner and with respect to the principles and ideals of democratic life.
  • Provide opportunities for young people to participate and take responsibility for the cultural and social development and progress of the Municipality of Morphou and the region in general.
  • Provide opportunities for young people in Morphou to pursue their creative and healthy leisure time by promoting, developing and cultivating sport, culture, environmental awareness and volunteering through the design and creation of relevant areas of action.

A key principle of the functioning of the Municipal Youth Council is its advisory and supportive role to the work of the Youth Committee and to the Municipal Authorities.

The Municipal Youth Council operates with the cooperation and support of Morphou Municipal Council, which has the power to assist in the planning, coordination and implementation of the activities of the Municipal Youth Council and in the promotion and achievement of its goals and objectives.

The Morphou Municipal Council assists the Municipal Youth Council through financial support in the form of an annual sponsorship, providing support through its services, as appropriate and with good cooperation through the adoption of opinions and proposals by the Municipal Youth Council and co-decision on youth issues.

The financial resources of the fund of the Morphou Municipal Youth Council may come from subsidies from the Youth Board of Cyprus, Morphou Municipal Council, European Programs and individuals.

The Municipal Youth Council is chaired ex officio by the Chairman of the Youth Committee of the Municipality of Morphou. The Board of Directors consists of the following:

President Ourania Pelletie
Vice President Natasha Karaoli
Secretary Maria Ktori
Treasurer Nadia Lortzie
Member Charis Georgiou
Member Sofia Karaoli
Member Chrysovalantis Karis
Member Nicoletta Ktori
Member Dimitra Constantinou
Member Dimitris Palaontas
Member Nicolas Tarapoulouzis

All young people with origin from Morphou, who meet the criteria and / or conditions, which have been determined by the Youth Committee of Morphou Municipality, have the right to apply to become a member of the Morphou Municipal Youth Council.

The Municipality of Morphou wishes to embrace its young people in every way as its most precious treasure and as a guarantee of our continued existence as people of Morphou. That is why all young people from Morphou are called to complete the relevant form to become members of the Municipal Youth Council of Morphou.

The historic Digenis Akritas Association of Morphou was founded in 1931 and operates for 87 years now and developed a multi-dimensional contribution to the community that made it the most important carrier of national, cultural, social and athletic activities, both for Morphou and its district and but also for the wider society.

Digenis Akritas Morphou, with his significant contribution, transformed himself spiritually into an idea that dominated the mind and soul of the people of Morphou and became identical with the existence of every citizen of Morphou. As an idea, it has not worn out over time, it is preserved and transmitted to the younger generation, as a creative flame for new conquests and new battles.

It was in 1931 when 36 people from Morphou, living then under colonial rule, with the vision of freedom in their souls, they founded the Association called Digenis Akritas in a friendly gathering, referring to the mythical Akritas of the borders and liberator of Cyprus, which lived under the unbearable burden of foreign rule, deprived of the most precious good, freedom.

During the ’50s, the Association increased its power and influence by recruiting new members and methodically creating the appropriate infrastructure for its first organized sports and cultural activities. This created the first orchestral ensembles presented at national anniversaries and other social events, the first theatrical plays of Cypriot origin. At the same time football, basketball and other sports began to develop.

In the 60’s, the Association was culturally developed, and is now the most important body of artistic, cultural, social and athletic creation.

In football, the team broke away from rural football and it gained more power. It joined the CFA (Cyprus Football Association) and began the long journey to reach the First Division. The team achieved this in 1971 as a beginner in the UEFA Cup along with the Italian team Milan, represented Cyprus and achieved a good score.

The Municipal Stadium with its grass offers people of Morphou and locals thrill, and everyone lives with the vision of Digenis Akritas, the killer of the giants, as he was called, to write his own history in the Cypriot football and beyond.

Within the same decade, the Association’s basketball team began to grow. Its creation begun in the 1950, where Morphou’s High School became a nursery for the new sport under the guidance of experienced trainers, who coached for the first time and trained talented basketball players, who wrote their own history and left their own mark in the history of the sport.

Digenis Akritas then created a fabulous team that became a legend in Cypriot football. Basketball players with excellent technique and skills, stature, intelligence and dynamism kept the spectators enthralled with the game, leading the team to the top.

The legendary team of Digenis Akritas was honored as the best in Cyprus after winning the Cyprus Championship for three consecutive years. The Champion’s Shield adorns the Association’s offices.

Concerning music, a four-member mixed choir and philharmonic orchestra were established and enriched the cultural events of the Association and the whole region.

The Association also organized theatre plays, lectures and discussions, took an active part in the established annual Orange Festival, organized exhibitions and was involved in all cultural events of Morphou. It was the most significant period that constantly upgraded the city’s cultural character.

Thanks to the enthusiasm, vision and creativeness of the Board of Directors, the Association achieved this multi-faceted and multi-dimensional contribution.

This steady progress of Digenis Akritas was stopped by the barbaric Turkish invasion that created refugees and destroyed its dreams.

It was not free anymore. It was found on a foreign land grieving the loss of its dreams and gazing from afar on the tormented town of Morphou amidst the blaze of bitterness and despair that covered its house, still sorrowful in search of light and redemption.

But as a phoenix rising from his ashes, Digenis Akritas, symbolizing the immortal power, rose again, carried his historical memories as weapons and began to work for its rebuilding and recreation.

In a privately-owned building, Digenis Akritas shed his creative light with a unique vision of preserving memories until the day of return. It continued its football career and duly accepted the relegation of its team after its forces were scattered or lost on the altar of Homeland. But it did not rest on its laurels. It began to shine slowly but steadily, ascending to its throne.

It fought for 43 whole years under adverse conditions. it was humiliated but not disappointed, it did not stop, it faced financial difficulties, but it survived.

Digenis Akritas is an idea and ideas do not die. They guide and continue the glorious history of the Association, until the much-desired day it will sit on its throne in our beloved Morphou.

We should honor and respect our historical association of Digenis Akritas Morphou, because it should and will live forever.

AEM Morphou was created after “Neos Asteras Morphou” and “Apollonas Morphou” were merged in 1960.

Neos Asteras Morphou was founded in 1944 amidst the turmoil of war and colonialism in the beautiful town of Morphou. The first Board of Directors of Neos Asteras consisted of George Tsiripillis, Dimitrakis Papadimitris, Andreas Odysseos, Doros Chatzineofytos, Kipros Kouris, Charalambos Moulapa, Nikos Fournias and others. The emblem of the union is a Red Star. The athletic, musical and education union pioneered for many years in the cultural and public-political events of Morphou, developing a rich activity in the arts and culture with theatrical plays and other artistic and music and dance events.

In the field of Sports, Neos Asteras Morphou participated in the KEPO championship along with Omonoia Lefkosias, Nea Salamina, Alki, Orpheas and Antaios for a number of years and then in the POEL Championship

Apollon Morphou was created in 1958 by people who left the Neos Asteras Morphou and formed a football team that also participated in the POEL Championship. The emblem of the club is the blue god Apollo with his harp.

In 1960, on the initiative of the members of the Boards of the two teams, they were reunited under the name “Morphou Athletic Union” (AEM). Its emblem consisted of both teams’ badges and within Apollo with his harp inside the red star.

In the early years, the unforgettable derbies of Morphou were taking place in the old municipal stadium with the two teams playing against each other in unforgettable matches, offering great moments to all people of Morphou, who were watching the matches with their families.

The original colours of the uniform as well as the banner of AEM were blue, red and white, as shown on the banner at the club’s office in Limassol. The first Board of Directors of the new club consisted of Thomas Michaelidis (Dentist), Andis Pantelidis (Lawyer), Renos Symeonidis (Businessman / Trader), Haritos Georgiou (Car Engineer), Petrakis Avraam (Shop owner), Nikos Neofytou (Nicholas) (co-operator), Kostakis Filippou (Carpenter) and Kleanthis Kleanthous.

AEM has developed a rich social and cultural contribution from the early stages of its establishment in the new form by organizing and participating in cultural, artistic, recreational and national celebrations.

In the field of Sport, AEM continued to participate in the POEL Championship with its football team from 1960-1967. In 1968, it joined CFA (Cyprus Football Association). In 1970, AEM was housed in its privately owned building. Its biggest success in football was its two consecutive qualifications as a second-division champion in 1972/73 and 1973/74.

The Turkish invasion and the displacement of the people of Morphou in 1974 was an obstacle halting the union’s ambitious course. However, AEM is active again in Limassol and participates again in the CFA championships. In fact, thanks to the will power of the members of the Board of Directors and their hard work, a very successful Football Academy was created, but unfortunately the financial problems overcame the willpower and decline started. As a result, football activities stopped in the 1990s.

However, AEM’s members of Board of Directors, Sofronios Sofroniou (President), Solakis Kassinis and Charalambos Katsaris (Secretariat), Andreas Charalambous (Poulos) and Andros Tooularas (Financial Committee) did not give up. They continued to participate and organize events, socio-cultural and cultural dances, in-house competitions of table sports competitions and to participate in national and other special events. They always supported and participated in the events of the Municipality of Morphou and co-organized events many times in order to preserve the desire to return to Morphou. In the midst of all this, it managed to accomplish a big goal, its temporary housing in a privately owned house in a place in Limassol.

AEM continues to manage its financial resources with a new Board by contributing to the socio-political life of the people of Morphou and leading and participating in events aimed at returning to our ancestral land by honouring and preserving the legacy they left us.

The newly elected Board of Directors consists of the following:

  • Solon Kasinis, President
  • Koulis Avraam, Vice President
  • Stelios Kassiais, General Secretary
  • Nicholas Ktoris, Treasurer
  • Giannakis Chrysostomou, Member
  • Marios Rigas, Member
  • Thoula Papamichael, Member
  • Louis Kazamias, Member
  • Andros Leptos, Member
  • Vasilis Mavrokordatos, Member
  • Andreas Tsipis, Member
  • Dinos Constantinou, Member
  • Pampos Kokotsis, Member

The association has a Facebook page with rich old and new photographic material for information and direct contact with its members and friends. Emphasis is placed on the planning of the next steps of the association in view of the vision to bring AEM back to the forefront of both sports and socio-political events, starting with the celebrations of its 60th anniversary. The reopening of a branch office in Nicosia is one of its priorities. 

It was founded on October 4, 1994 and has its headquarters in Limassol. It has 400 registered members, only about half of whom fulfill their obligations.

The goals of the Group are: To preserve the memory of our occupied land through various events. We seek, only the presence, but also the participation of the people of Morphou and other friends in these events and last but not least the effort to approach young people and to take responsibility to carry on our effort for the return and liberation of our occupied village. Our Club has been chaired by Victor Hadjiavraam, Andreas Hadjikyriakou, Persoula Koudouna and Takis Char. Palaontas for the last three years.

The activities of our Club over the years are summarized as follows:

The Choir of our Club started its activities in 1995 with the musician Ms. Agathoula Michaelidou as the first conductor. It was followed by Kostas Constantinidis for several years and for the last five years the choirmaster has been the musician Michalis Hadjivasiliou. Our choir held their own performances such as ”Rebetiko Night”, ”Representation of the Cypriot Wedding” and ‘Running after Tradition’, which were very successful in Cyprus and Greece.

It also participates in choir festivals and events of the Municipality of Morphou and other organizations. At times, there are dance groups for both children and adults. Currently a newly established dance group with adults over 20 years old is operating and has already taken part in the Christmas party.

The most important work our group was the Monument of Fallen and Missing Persons on the green line in Astromeritis by sculptor Nikos Kotziamanis from Morphou.

Various anti-occupation events and wreath laying take place there.

We have published a book dedicated to the fallen and the missing. We also published another book, before the barricades opened, with 843 black and white photographs showing all aspects of life in Morphou. We enlarged several of these photos and after laminating them, we exhibited them at a special event.

We launched painting and poetry competitions between students and people of Morphou and awarded the best.

During our very successful events, we honoured our retired teachers, the mothers of Morphou and the relatives of the fallen and the missing persons.

We also honoured our heroes Grigoris Afxentiou and Evagoras Pallikaridis, Loukis Akritas, who was from Morphou and the students of the Polytechnic.

A very special honour that we gave to the people of Morphou was dedicated to our good teacher Andreas Manolis, when he lived and was bedridden for many years. He offered a lot to our School’s Artistic Events, by performing tragedies in the Solon Theater.

The Christmas party was always held with the participation of young children and adults, who are members of our Group. In recent years this effort has continued in collaboration with the Municipality of Morphou.

We were twinned with five Greek Associations: Stefania Laconia Women’s Cultural Association, Cultural Association of Thymiana Chios, Cultural Association of Distomo, Cultural Association of Chortokopi Kavalas and the Association of Ekso Mouliana of Siteia in Crete.

We have our own Blood Bank, as blood donations take place all these years since the founding of our Group.

Our Carnival party takes place for many years now, as well as the “Tea – Speech” event, where we invite someone to present an interesting and up-to-date subject to our guests.

The Birthday Party of our club takes place in October and the Annual General Assembly takes place in January each year. 

Today, the members of the Committee are the following: Takis Palaontas – President, Nikos Tsiakkas – Vice President, Andreas Hadjikyriakou – Secretary, Thoula Papamihail – Treasurer, Haris Siapoutis – Public Relations, Persoula Koudouna, Nelli Demetriou, Nitsa Kouzi, Alexandra Vatyliotou, Elisavet Ioannidou, Maria Kourougianni, Louis Kazamias and Niki Chatzilira – members

With love, unity and will to return to our beloved occupied town, we will continue our own struggle through culture and tradition.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Morphou Cultural Club

Andreas Hadjikyriakou

99661111 – Takis Palonas
99534953 – Andreas Chatzikiriakou

The Veterans Football Club was founded in Limassol on the initiative of the Athletic Union of Morphou and President of the Cyprus Veterans’ Association Mr. Giorgos Papamoyseos, and consists of veteran football players from Digenis Akritas, AEM and Doxa Katokopias clubs.

The date of registration in Limassol District is 28.1.1977 according to registration certificate no. 019775 and it was established as a club with its main offices in Limassol with the seal of the Limassol District.

Elections followed, which resulted in the first Council, which is mentioned below. Many veterans of all three football clubs of Morphou District participated in the elections.

Besides the sports events, our group, as one of the organized groups of Morphou, participates in all events against the occupation by the Municipality of Morphou.

Our group is twinned with its Spartan counterpart and has competed both in Greece and Cyprus with many other veterans’ clubs.

It also competed in the Morphou Municipal Stadium against the team of Turkish Cypriots residing in Morphou in the context of friendship and rapprochement.

It is our dream to return to Morphou, to our clubs and our stadiums.

The first committee consist of:

President Nikos Tsiakkas
Vice President Evros Tziabos
Secretary Solakis Kasinis
Treasurer Christos Tsiakkas
Member Charilaos Charilaou
Member Panikos Eliades
Member Simos Symeonidis
Member Andreas Fragoulidis
Member Savvakis Michael
Coach and Leader Charilaos Charilaou

The Morphou Women’s Club was founded in 1989 and was registered in the Register of Associations and Clubs in 1990. Its emblem has the head of a statue of a goddess of the 13th century BC found in Toumba of Skourou, in the area of ​​Morphou.

The founding movements of women in Libya, Deryneia, Agios Kassianos and other parts of Cyprus were the inspiration and the reason for its establishment.

The idea for the creation of the Morphou Women’s Club was suggested to Ms. Chloe Iakovidou by the late lawyer Eratosthenis Odysseos, who, in cooperation with the lawyer Ms. Vathoula Siitti, drafted the Group’s Articles of Association.

The main goals of Morphou Women’s Club are the following:

  • The restoration of human rights and fundamental freedoms for all citizens of the Republic of Cyprus.
  • The enlightenment of the public opinion in Cyprus and abroad on the problem of occupation and its contribution to a fair solution.
  • The promotion of the cultural heritage of Morphou and the region.
  • The cooperation with other women’s clubs, organizations and associations with similar goals in Cyprus and abroad.

Since the beginning of its establishment, the Club has intensified its presence through the organization of events related to its goals.

These include:

  • Attending St. Mamantas Day celebration in the church on the presence of the Metropolitan of Morphou and meeting of the people of Morphou on September 2.
  • Commemoration of the fallen of Morphou and prayer for the missing persons.
  • Events honouring the mothers of the fallen and missing persons of Morphou and personalities such as priests, Costas Montis and Anthos Rodinis, Ms. Nitsa Iakovidou and others.
  • Painting and needlework exhibitions with works by artists from Morphou, both in Cyprus and abroad.
  • Establishment of an annual tea and basil pie (Vasilopita) cutting.
  • Collaboration and participation in joint events held with the sister displaced women’s clubs in Famagusta, Kyrenia and Kythrea under the name KEGIK (Movement of Displaced Women in Cyprus).
  • Close cooperation and strong presence at the events of the Municipality of Morphou.

The first Chairman of the Group was Ms. Chloe Iakovidou and from time to time Ms. Maro Kei and Kyproula Neocleous.

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