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The National Federation of Cypriots in the UK (EKO) is the representative body of Cypriots of the UK, which is the largest and most important community of overseas Greek Cypriots. It was founded in 1974, shortly after the coup and the Turkish invasion in response to the call of the President of the Republic of Cyprus Archbishop Makarios for unity, co-operation and coordination of the struggle of all Cypriots. In the beginning it was called the National Coordinating Committee of Cypriots in England. Since then, it has been in regular contact with decision-making centers, MPs, British organizations and parties for the continued promotion and defense of the rights of the Cypriot people.

Clubs, associations and organizations, members of the EKO, make almost the entire spectrum of our community and include associations with special and general interests. They mainly represent our compatriots, who come from the occupied territories of Cyprus, the Committees on Refugees, Relatives of the Missing, the branches of the Cypriot political parties in Britain, educational, cultural and other organizations.

He works closely with the President and Government of the Republic of Cyprus, the High Commission of Cyprus in the UK, the Overseas Service, the Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain and is in contact with the Greek Embassy.

Its main goals and objectives are:

  • to assist in any way our homeland, Cyprus, which strives for the implementation of human rights and international law.
  • to coordinate all the activities of its members and work to preserve all the values ​​that constitute our national identity: Greek education, the living, professional and intellectual growth of the Cypriot immigrants.
  • to establish, maintain and utilize regular communication with British political parties, with groups of British MPs working for the Cyprus issue, such as the Friends of Cyprus, the British Cyprus Committee, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Union Cyprus Group, All Party Parliamentary Group for Cyprus (APPG) with Members and officers of the British Government and the Opposition.
  • to create and utilize media in Britain with academics, leaders and trade union executives.
  • to expand its enlightening role worldwide, in cooperation with other Cypriot Federations, members of the World Federation of Overseas Cypriots (POMAK) and the World Coordination Committee of the Cyprus Struggle (PSEKA), as well as other Greek Diaspora organizations, AHEPA, HALC and others.

In order to fulfill the above objectives, the National Federation has set up NEPOMAK UK (Youth of the World Federation of Overseas Cypriots Youth), committees, which consist of members of the Secretariat as well as members of various organizations: Mobilization, Enlightenment, Youth, Financial,  Planning and Human Rights

EKO, with the unity of goals and objectives and the sympathy and consensus of representatives of EKO’s clubs and associations, the constructive exchange of views and the close cooperation of the Secretariat and the Executive Board, continues to keep the Cyprus issue in the spotlight and in the priorities of Members of Parliament and the British Government.

The National Federation has achieved the continuous unity of the Cypriot community. It organized and pioneered in all the events in this country and the rallies, which condemned the Attila’s illegal invasion and the crimes of the Turks and demands the end of the Turkish occupation and the withdrawal of the Turkish troops, the abolition of invasive rights and guarantees. It organizes all kinds of assistance for Cyprus, founded the Cyprus Relief Fund, enlightens the British Parliament, works closely with other British organizations that assist Cyprus and participates in local and international conferences and it is also a member of the organization of World Conference of Overseas Cypriots.

The 20-year contribution of the first President of EKO, the late Homer Hapipi (1974-1994) was significant. The work of his successor Giorgos Christofides (1995-1997) was also important. Former EKO President Haris Sofoklidis (1997 – 2007) upgraded its work and contribution, both to our community and to the British Parliament. Former President Peter Drousiotis continued and intensified the Federation’s contacts and activities. The current President Christos Karaolis has further widened the horizons of EKO by using the new modern media of Twitter, Facebook and Sendinblue. The decisions of EKO are implemented by the Executive Secretary, Andreas Karaolis, who has worked closely with the President, the Executive Council and the Secretariat for over 30 years, assisted by Christos Tioutos and Andreas Patsalos.

With the help and support of over 250,000 Greek Cypriots living in Great Britain, EKO will continue to systematically promote and defend the rights of the Cypriot people in decision-making centers and remind Britain of its obligations to Cyprus and demand the abolition of invasive rights and anachronistic guarantees, the withdrawal of Turkish troops and settlers, the return of refugees to their ancestral homes, the freedom and reunification of Cyprus and its people.

It will continue to work hard to contribute to the economic development of Cyprus in attracting investments and developing tourism in Cyprus and will assist and contribute in every way to the progress, prosperity and spiritual development of our community in the country we live in.

London, April 2019

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